Diesel Injectors: Maintenance and functioning

Before mentioning the injector and its operation, it is important to clarify the operation of the CRDI (Common Rail Direct Injection) or common rail direct injection system. This system distributes the diesel in a common injection rail, which “is a pipe from which a branch for each injector starts” (Cabascango, Dávila, Mena and Erazo, 2014). According to these authors, the pressure is independent of the energy of the engine, that is, diesel will be injected at a high and constant pressure throughout the injection process, regardless of acceleration and engine revolutions. The diesel fuel from the tank is sucked in by a pump and transferred directly to the “Common Rail” supply line, thus distributing it to the injectors (Bennett, 2013, cited in Mediavilla and González, 2018).
Now we can talk about the injectors and their operation, according to Castro Mediavilla and González Torres (2018), the diesel injector is an electrohydraulic part that injects fuel into the diesel engine. It is composed of a solenoid valve, a needle and a nozzle. The nozzle opens when the valve is activated to directly inject fuel into the combustion chamber. This common rail injection process allows the engine greater control over fuel injection pressure, and greater flexibility in power and consumption.

Maintaining your injectors well gives them a longer lifespan and a better driving experience for you.

Change the fuel filter when necessary: ​​diesel fuel filters are responsible for protecting the engine and the injection system against particles such as water and other types of residue that may be present in the fuel.

If you change the filter at the right time, you will not only have better filtration, but you will also notice a longer life in the system components.

Do not run out of your fuel reserve: within the fuel reserve there are residues that when they reach the top will end up forcing the fuel pump and obstructing the injectors so that they can do their job.

Be careful when using biodiesel: within this component you can find elements that harm the injection system, such as water, microparticles and bacteria that generate moisture and can accelerate oxidation and deterioration of the injection system.

Service your vehicle: the moment you detect a malfunction, make a visit with your trusted mechanic so they can check the injectors and give you the service you need.


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